Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good pictures...out of context?

Click on the pics to see em large....
I noticed some nice lighting at the Barack Obama event the other night, so I made these two pictures during the down time waiting for Obama to take the stage. I was looking for pictures that told the story of his visit, and didn't include these in my edit that I posted online, but now I think they might work...they make me think of Obama trying to cash in on contributions from an elusive younger generation of liberal Seattle-type folks....young, white, who have money, and are sort of a shadowy presence in the presidential race, or in politics in general for that matter (like most young people in my opinion) who are they and what do they look like? These pictures raise questions, which I like a lot. It's good for a photojournalist to tell stories, but it's good to raise some questions in there as well...and I think part of the story is the this case...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Abstract photo

Here's an example of why I usually don't try to explain photos to people; I just show them. When you think 'photo of a jersey barrier on the freeway' it sounds pretty lame. But I think this turned out better than lame...possibly even good...? Dunno, but it's unique anyways...

Be sure to click on the photo to see it large.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Some crazy photoshop work

I never mess with photos in photoshop in unethical ways...I only tone them slightly and crop...but here's a random flyer that I made when I was bored a while back...thought I'd play with those parts of photoshop that I never get to use...

Looking at it now it's a little too 'military' for my taste anymore...but at the time that's the style I was going for...cuz you know, now I'm into the whole 'not bombing people' style...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Some random photos

These haven't seen the light of day...what do you think of 'em? The last two - I can't tell which one is better, bird or no bird.

Seattle Marathon

This was a fun shoot, although the picture above is one of the only actually creative shots I was able to take. I mostly just sat in a camping chair, sipping some hot tea and shooting hundreds of close-up mug shots of the runners. Then they get to buy prints of them if they want. Before the the race began, I shot some of the runners warming up in the near freezing air at like 6:30am. I hate getting up this early but once I'm up, I'm always happy and there are always good pictures to be made. This seems to always be true...maybe that's only because I'm never up that early so early morning time just seems to hold more wonder for me...I'm just seeing early morning stuff that I don't usually see...It's like traveling somewhere that you usually don't go. It's always good to change up the routine and find something new. For me, that's what photography is all about.