Monday, August 28, 2006

Update from SLC

Due to technical difficulties, please visit for this week's photos.

Last night I camped solo, after sending off Cat at the airport. It was sad to see her go because we had a lot of fun . Last night was also the first time I paid for a campsite, and it wasn't much better than what I had earlier in the week. Just the usual large wild animal in my backyard. And expansive views of water, mountains, and the setting sun. It was a bummer to pay, but Antelope Island is worth it, and I'll probably go back tonight.

I had to pack everything up at 6:30 this morning, before the sun rose, to make the 1 hour+ commute into Salt Lake City to have my car worked on. $500 later it's supposedly ready to go now, which is a secure feeling.

Antelope Island is located in the Great Salt Lake, and is home to, curiously no antelope, but rather thousands of buffalo that roam free. Hence, the animal in my backyard this morning was a big ol bison. A few days ago that backyard visitor was a moose that accompanied Cat and I during dinner. That was outside of Red Lodge, Montana.

The night following Red Lodge was spent just outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a beautiful (free) location; however, it was also spent in a lightning storm. The ensuing puddles inside the tent led me to donate that aging piece of nylon to charity. I sprang for a 4-person Kelty at REI of Salt Lake's Labor Day Sale. I can barely squeeze the queen sized air mattress in there, but it's a great set-up that I have now.

The beard is growing and the wallet is emptying, but I've only just begun. Kanna flies in tonight, and I'm looking forward to that. My one-night of solo travel has been nice, and now I'm ready to continue on again. Check back again soon, and don't forget to look at this week's photos.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's seems to be the officer, problem?

Destinatoin: Washingtonn Wien counttry

Good times. My first wine tour in Washington state's Yakima Valley was definitely a success. I only made a few quick snapshots, so raise your expectations later...

Tonight's resting spot is the one and only Grandview, WA, which truly is grand in its own way. The camping trip now begins with two nights of comfort under the roofs of family and friends. That seems like a nice way to start.

(above) My sister, pictured at Zillah's own teapot gas station. As you may guess, Zillah is home to a plethora of vineyards.

( right) Wine country begins outside of Zillah, WA

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Here we go

Tomorrow begins my exploration of the USA, a journey without a set destination nor an ending time. I'll be making pictures along the way, while exploring 'blue highways' in my 1999 green Saturn. Check back often for a glimpse of Americana, shown through my camera's lens.